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Square 1

An homage to the simplicity of shapes

Square 1 was designed on the belief that commodity electronics should be aesthetic, beautiful and functional without compromising architectural design.

Inspired by
Bruno Munari

The Square 1 design philosophy is minimalistic at its core and derives from the foundational, basic shapes that we know stand the test of time. Inspired by the famous Bruno Munari’s trilogy “Square Circle Triangle” this product is an homage to the simple shapes that the human race has relied on for centuries.

The Square

All sides equal. All right angles.
Making all opposite sides parallel,
as a mere consequence of its geometrical perfection.
Steady. Solid. Functional.
Something to build great things with.
The square loves your ideas.
It is yours to play.
For designers. Architects.
Inventors and entrepeneurs.
And for you.

Awarded for design and sustainability

”The uncompromisingly minimalist use of forms and sustainability focused production make the design of the Square 1 stand out.”

Square 1



Square 1



Square 1

Old Pink
Limited Edition


Experience the features of Square 1

Details that matters

Highly flexible 1.8 meter cable with exclusive finish and
custom designed plug.

Charge your devices

Three sockets and two USB ports enable you to charge your devices convenient and fast.

Make it stick

Attach your Square to a wall or under a desk with the integrated magnet.