Square 1 USB-C

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Square 1 USB-C (30W) Power Extender

Introducing AVOLT's Square 1 USB-C Power Extender, where innovation meets impeccable design. This is not just a power extender; it's a testament to what's possible when elegance and efficiency come together. Designed for the discerning user, Square 1 is a perfect fit for modern homes, bustling offices, and dynamic public spaces.

Equipped with three Type F Schuko sockets and dual USB Type C ports, Square 1 ensures that all your devices, from the conventional to the cutting-edge, are catered for. Its highly flexible 1.8m power cable provides the versatility you need, while the magnetic base offers secure mounting, ensuring a blend of convenience and aesthetics.

But the beauty of Square 1 doesn't stop at its functionality. Crafted with the finest materials and boasting exquisite finishes, it offers an uncompromising sense of quality, safety, and style. And for those who value design continuity, Square 1's design is harmoniously aligned with the broader AVOLT collection, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated look across all your power solutions.

In today's world, where every detail matters, Square 1 stands out as a beacon of design excellence and functional prowess. Elevate your power extension experience with AVOLT's Square 1 USB-C Power Extender.