Square 2

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Square 2 USB-C (30W) Wall Mount Power Extender

Welcome to the next level of power solutions with AVOLT's Square 2 Power Extender. This isn't just another wall socket; it's a statement of style, functionality, and forward-thinking design. Crafted for the contemporary spaces of today, Square 2 seamlessly blends into homes, offices, and public areas, offering not just utility but also an aesthetic appeal that's hard to match.

With three Type F Schuko sockets and dual USB Type C ports, Square 2 ensures that your devices, whether traditional or modern, always have a place to connect. Its minimalist design, coupled with exquisite finishes, speaks volumes about its quality and safety features, ensuring you have peace of mind every time you plug in.

But what truly sets Square 2 apart is its compatibility with the AVOLT collection. Its design is in perfect harmony with other products in the range, allowing you to create a cohesive and sophisticated tech environment in any space.

In a world where design and functionality often stand at odds, Square 2 bridges the gap. Choose AVOLT's Square 2 Power Extender and elevate your space's power solution to a work of art.